Trend Micro

Developex has worked with us on a number of projects supplying outsourced development. This has crossed a spectrum of diverse technologies and functions (such as cloud services, mobility, and client server). Working closely with Developex, I have always found them to be professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful and above all able to scale effectively and quickly up or down.

Robin Vann
Cloud Channel Services


I highly recommend Developex for your next firmware agency with due diligence in mind! If you want the "one-stop-shop" for all firmware development, their guidance through user stories while defining the specification, protocol creation, and all the way through coding and testing.

Arvid Pålsson
GEAR Program Lead


It's unusual to find their level of technical resources and excellent customer service in one company. Bolstering their partner's sense of confidence in the overall quality of their product, the team provides strong advice and developments to the BI solution. 

Raili McIvo
General Manager


Developex delivered soft-and hardware that have been integral to the client's business. They've demonstrated their commitment to excellence by diligently troubleshooting and updating the solutions. Their focus on scalability and UX/UI yielded stellar benefits. They're talented and transparent.

J. Allan


Developex is a great team to work with, clear, and open communication, and an effective goal achiever. The primary benefit we received from our cooperation was to speed up the development and delivery. I like the details provided on the root cause and issues encountered, also with suggestions on fulfilling the implementations via different approaches. I'd love to recommend Developex.

Alison Lin
Senior Engineer