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Embedded Software Development Services

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Embedded Software

Developex is a top embedded software development company, providing high-quality services in firmware, middleware, driver development, and other related areas. We work with microprocessors and microcontrollers, IoT devices, HMIs, device drivers, and more. Our software developers, quality assurance specialists, and hardware engineers ensure our capacity to support the entire embedded development process.

Firmware Development

We provide firmware development services for manufacturers of gaming peripherals, PC LED and fan controllers, audio, consumer electronics, smart home systems, home & office machines, appliances, IoT devices, sensors, and other devices without OS. We are a top firmware development company and are proficient with a wide range of MCUs by TI, STN, NXP, Nordic, Avnera, CSR, Cypress, Atmel, Microchip, and others.  

Hardware Design

Developex has profound expertise in developing hardware embedded solutions related to industrial MCUs, IoT, wearables, and more. Our hardware development services include a selection of platforms, development of prototypes, PCB and circuit design, implementation, and testing services. We have broad experience with different sensors, battery operations, and low-power systems.

Embedded IoT

Smart devices and machines constituting the Internet of Things found their way to all spheres of life. We help businesses leverage new opportunities by developing embedded IoT software and firmware for physical devices, smart home equipment, industrial automation devices, wearables, communication solutions, and more. We create IoT solutions that meet the highest requirements by working with the Qt framework, basic, industrial, wireless, and multimedia camera interfaces.

Embedded Connectivity

Our embedded software developers and hardware engineers are skilled in creating functional solutions capturing, exchanging, and interpreting sensor data, solutions that are lightweight and optimize battery life. We have excellent expertise in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, LPWAN, CAN, RF, Ethernet, as well as other types of technologies and communication standards, such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, RTLS, RFID, GPS used in consumer electronics, ICS, and other areas. 

Dedicated Teams

We create dedicated teams of embedded developers available to design and implement your solutions or join your development team. Whether you want to hire 1, 2 or over 50 and more embedded developers of a mid or senior level, we will quickly build a team with versatile skills in languages, core architectures, operating systems, and interfaces necessary for successful embedded projects in different industries. We can dedicate an engineer or a team for a PoC project to test your idea or an expert for consultations and chip selection. 


of experience. Hundreds of successful projects.

30+ Developers

specializing in embedded software development.

Up to20

developers is the size of the team we can create in days.


is the support mode which is available for our customers.

Embedded Development Technologies


C, C++, Python, Qt

Core Architectures:

Cortex – M[0/3/4/7], A[7/8]
Intel – 8051 TI – MSP430
Linux Kernel, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, BeagleBone



SPI, I2S, UART, I2C, 8080/6800 parallel bus, SDIO, Ethernet, 1 Wire.


RS232, RS485, RS422


Proprietary RF, BT, BLE, Wi-Fi, GSM, IrDA.

Development Tools:

We are working with nearly all available IDEs and tools from the key MCU manufacturers.


FreeRTOS, Micrium,

CoOs, ChibiOS/RT,

ThreadX, TI-RTOS.

Embedded Cases


20 Years of Successful Projects

We are an embedded development company with over 20 years of experience. Developex has been creating embedded software and firmware solutions for global companies leading in different industries ever since our establishment. Whatever your task might be, we will provide a solution for it.

Top Embedded Developers

Enjoy embedded software development services from a dedicated team. 80% of our 30+ embedded developers and engineers are middle or senior experts with years of experience gained in dozens of high-level projects. Get an embedded development team of your dream within a couple of weeks. 

Different Cooperation Models

We use flexible cooperation models and always choose the best fit for project needs. We can cover the whole project, or just a part of it, provide technical support or create dedicated teams to extend your in-house team. We use the Agile paradigm and rely on efficient communication with the customer.

Full Cycle Development

Developex covers the complete embedded software development cycle, from hardware design and planning, requirements analysis, MVP or prototype development, to testing and 24/7 support.


Advanced Expertise

The success of Developex with embedded development is based on our skills in technologies by different vendors: Microchip, Digi Key, Dolby Laboratories, Nordic Semiconductors, Dialog Semiconductors, Texas Instruments, C-Media, Avnera, CSR, NXP, Raspberry Pi Foundation, STMicroelectronics, and many other.

Focus on Client Satisfaction

Our team members' experience, skills, and expertise are all focused on building successful and mutually beneficial relations with our customers. We never differentiate between tasks: our values of professionalism, openness, informal communications, and client focus are for all our customers, with no exceptions.

Our Customers and Partners